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Building Regulations - New fire safety requirements

Building Regulations Approved Document B [Fire Saftey] was published on 18th December 2006, and comes into force on 6th April 2007.

Approved Document B is split into two. B1 - Dwelling houses, and B2 - Buildings other than dwelling houses, including the common parts of blocks of flats.

B1 reduces the requirements for door-closing devices in dwellings.

B2 requires that inclusive egress for disabled people be incorporated into the means of escape, and gives guidance on the provision of refuges, installing fire alarms to alert Deaf users of an emergency alarm, and level thresholds to final exits on fire escape routes.

For buildings covered by the RRO* - a new regulation, B16, requires the provision of fire safety information at handover to the 'responsible person'. This is to assist in the production of management procedures for the safe evacuation of all users of the building.

A copy of Part B can be downloaded free of charge from

[* Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, operational since 1st October 2006]


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